Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A slippery slope

Wing chun was amazing and fun tonight. I have a blog but I'm not gonna share because it doesn't have to do with ghosts. i do feel connected to the spirits of Ipman and Bruce Lee though. Is that a blog just now? I guess so. Or read the actual blog below.

I want to master both wing chun and ninjutsu to make a super Chinese/Japanese form to teach to the extraterrestrials. Aliens taught Zen monks and prephesised to Muhammed and Buddha. Oh, and to Shaolin monks and ninja and India's yogi masters too. It's the force/chi/ki/prana/yana gods mystical powers. It's practical magic!

I am one with the universe! It's like meditation that has function in the present, not the future. It also is the past and future because you get conditioned yet you are still in the present. I guess I can't keep secrets. Aliens did it.

These ascended masters of human schools and prophets were connecting to the etheric internet through higher conscious states of awareness that are like a hallucinogenic experience but are actually connecting from stored experiences in their own brain, but they connect to other ethereal consciousnesses that may appear human in this state, or not. They are then taught these techniques by these beings in the altered state. For example, Muhammed's was the angel Gabriel. Yogis had Shiva and other deities. Ninjutsu and Shugendo credit gods and tengu for teaching the art. These were avatars used by ET. The aliens can astrally project out of their bodies. We see what we can relate to angels, tengu, or greys, which may be their true form. Celts and Norse had fairy folk, dwarves, elves, Odin and Thor. Native Americans had kachina. Africa had gods from the sky teach them about astronomy that was scientifically verified about the Sirius star system. Spooky knowledge.

Ancient aliens taught martial arts.

Maybe I should hide by slipping into a brain fog state. That way, it jams the frequencies and aliens can't easily find me. Unfortunately, they are finding my friends when they are in a higher state. usually mountains away from people like my ancient alien theory. I can feel them now, even in this big city, if my awareness starts to awaken. The aliens go "Oh, that's where you've been hiding." I'll show them! Junk food and beer will scramble the signal into the safety of brain fog.

It's the ability of the human mind that fascinates them. They are way beyond our powers in psychic abilities and higher state. Physiologically, they are capable of sharing knowledge through true telepathy, but they are bound to it, forever losing individuality. We can turn ours off. They are jealous of that though, because they can't. So they study us. We are entertainment, the object of their scientific curiosity, like visiting monkeys at the zoo, or primates, but vastly more entertaining, and dangerous to the eco-system.

I think they are partial to I Love Lucy reruns.

Yeah, I'm only guessing that. I think that if they wanted to, they could destabalize our sun, blow it up and collect the cooled off star matter that powers their multi-billion year old flotilla. But that would eradicate the biosphere, which is more rare, of its materials. They can get their water and use our biodiversity to sow their own food supply. It wouldn't make sense to invade like HG Wells. It doesn't contaminate their food supply or water. With other solar systems and star juice, they can sustain a space-faring population that far exceeds any planetary system. They would need a planet the size of a large gas giant to support their populace. I mean, no planet is big enough, so they have their non-interventionist ways and they are all one mind, so that's why they don't reveal themselves and why they are concerned about our nuclear technology. But our government is very human, and only a select few understand this. The syndicate Majestic 12 does not, or maybe they do and have to go along for the ride...

It's aliens or angels that were locked out of Eden, not humans. Someone got the story backwards, or changed it for some reason...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three way

Just had a three way... call about UFOs headed towards Marana. Ghosts might be driving them.

I discovered tonight that potato chips make me violent and want to throw a tantrum like an enraged child with ADHD. Soda dehydrates me, puts me in a trance susceptible to mind control and hypnosis. I need to fast, climb a mountain, stand meditating under a waterfall to regain chi. Ghosts are scared of chi.

My hairy buddy

I wonder if our bigfeet are ok with all the wildfires down near Sierra Vista. It might make ghosts of them...

I was just reading a hair analysis report of a Gasquet, CA bigfoot who stole and ate seven peacocks, along with fifty melons. He ate the melons quietly then yelled out a load raor. That's when they found the melons gone. I wonder if he ate the peacocks quietly or how they figured out those were gone.

Hair DNA revealed that it came from a primate of unknown origin. It was a 2008 case in a pretty area called French Hill Road. I google mapped it. Typical area habitat that would be nice to go to. I always wanted to go to that area near Crescent City near the ocean on the Oregon border. Lots of redwood forest around the greater area. That's also where giant, nine feet salamanders were spotted in the 1960s, I think.

Check out YouTube for the bigfoot dash cam! They state he's as fast as a world record setter in the Olympics! And his arms are way too long.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I can't sleep...

I have that feeling. I can't sleep because I'm afraid that alien hands will grab me in the dark. UFOs were crazy Tuesday night. I think they were communicating with me telepathically. I watched them do tricks in the sky from a parking deck. Creepy night. My boss said "Puff, puff, pass, move your big ass."

I saw one in the daytime too. Nothing yesterday or today. Well, I didn't look because I was too busy. Now I can't sleep. Part of me wants to find a radio tower or something to watch them, or go up to the mountains. The other part of me wants to board up the windows and doors, sleep with a knife in my small closet. Maybe I need drugs or a rubber room. Not to get better, but to hide.

Of course, asylums have ghosts and demons. Damn! Guess I know why I like booze so much. Maybe that's how I became an alcoholic. Maybe AA should stand for Aliens Anonymous. "Hi, I'm Marc and I'm an alcoholic. I need booze to sleep dreamlessly because I'm afraid that aliens will get me.

Wish I had booze tonight. I could use the sleep.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

They're here!

The power went out today. It woke me up. I'm on high alert! I half-expect a giant monster or an alien craft to descend to begin the removal of our species. I won't complain.

Strange lights in the sky were photographed in Haiti recently, there was that earthquake in Japan, the Thailand tsunamis, and Katrina. Don't forget the recent tornadoes in Alabama, the Mississippi flood...

Ships three times the size of Earth, about a dozen of them, were photographed near sunspots. What kind of technology do they have if they can make something that big? This overcast weather is caused by their wake. Point being, I saw some major strangeness in the sky yesterday and last night. This weather can hide their ships too.

Praise extraterrestrial Satan! He showed us technology and was banished to Earth! God is no more than their collective gray hive mind! It's not the creator! It does have a God complex ego though. Damn bastards and their rules! Long live the rebellion! Religion, they can keep it!

They like our gold. That's why they keep taking it from Peru and Arizona. DNA cattle gold women bastards! The rebels just want our weed and good company. Maybe watch our TV. Scooby Doo reruns. Can you blame them?

North by northwest, eleven o' clock high, about 35,000 to 40,000 feet, something very large, jet black in the clouds. It was moving.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Don't eat sodium nitrate! It causes cancer and will turn you into a ghost. Then I'd have to hunt you! It's also used in animals to give them cancer for lab tests. It keeps meat from turning gray. That's right, it's in meat! Wonder why America has more cancer than other countries? That's why! I'm gonna start buying from my local, independent grocers. Fuck the government! I don't want to become a government lab rat turned into a ghost!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hunting the missing link...

Got a camping trip planned... The purpose? I think I can find Bigfoot! I have sword now to battle him with too. He's in San Anchas in central Arizona, south of Prescott, terrorizing hunters!

I'm gonna challenge him in mortal combat with my Assassin's Creed sword! When I kill him, I'm gonna stuff him and sell him to Ripley's Believe it or Not... Maybe I'll just share a sandwich with him instead... maybe both.

How is this ghost hunting? Because one of us is gonna be a ghost after our picnic! Also, I'm gonna hit a few ghost towns on the way to San Anchas.

Friday, February 25, 2011

In search of the shadow people...

Damn! Money not in my account yet and low on gas. Hmmm... Toole St. maybe? The warehouse district. The shadow person I saw Super Bowl night crossed Aviation Highway and went west towards the train tracks by the Kino turnoff.

Maybe it was a cowboy ghost that Wyatt Earp killed near there. Or a hitchhiker. Homes were moved for the highway. Or maybe it was... a brain aneurysm???

Friday, February 18, 2011


I wanna open up the 9 realms of hell... or whatever... and summon the demons. The problem with demons is they don't listen to you. You'll think the ritual didn't work, go home, and they'll start messing with you later, give you nightmares and stuff. I wonder if reverse psychology works on them. If I tell them I don't want them to show up, maybe they will.

Maybe if I had some demon bait, some pretty young thing... female, of course. In particular, I'd like to meet Asmodeus. He seems like a cool cat. Not that he's a cat, per se. I wonder if demons get lonely. I wouldn't mind hanging out with one, playing some cards or something. Overall though, they're just too unreliable. They're always late. That's probably why they're all unemployed.

Speaking of which, if Heaven is such a great place, why does everyone have a job, and in Hell, nobody is working? Rather be unemployed in Hell than have a job in Heaven.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pimpin' in Ghost Country

Yeaaaaah! I have a Valentine! Plus I had two fake dates yesterday! I was in a movie called "The French Key." The director told me not to eat the food, for my safety. Duh! It looked fuckin' gross! I just played with the food and entertained the ladies. I felt like a gigolo!

It was great! Maybe that's my true calling. That, and ghost hunting, of course. The connection? The movie set was reportedly haunted. Hmmm....

If I was more handsome and a tad more confident, I think I could give Casanova a real run for his money on this fine day! I got me mad points today, me thinks!

Monday, January 31, 2011

I got one!

Ever wonder where the term "to catch a cold" came from? If you have, it's good news that you're reading this, because I'm about to enlighten you.

Back in the day, they thought cold spots originated from spirits. Yeah, they were right. They also believed spirits to be the cause of many illnesses. So, obviously, catching a cold meant to catch a spirit. That means I've definitely bagged me a ghost! My legacy as an awesome ghost hunter continues to grow. Too bad the spirit I caught is preventing me from hunting others of its kind. Being sick sucks.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


On a similar topic to ghosts, I've been thinking a lot about zombies lately. More specifically, I've been considering how to make myself some zombies.

Hookworm toxoplasmosis with an accelerated rabies trait. That would be my designer zombie virus. It also floods the brain with bz type hallucinogen and flight or fight response. I could design it on Plumb Island. Maybe along with some top secret black syphilis for good measure. I could tie it all together with xenobiological agents from Lab 51, like zeta reticulan feces. That's how you make a zombie! It would definitely work!

Except for the whole reanimation thing. Well, maybe that's where the alien fecal matter comes into play. Maybe I'll put in a bio-luminescent trait from jellyfish into the virus somewhere. You know, for the holidays. Glow-in-the-dark zombies! Maybe make them bark too. You know, for a trademark, signature thing.

As long as they don't sprout a barnacle covered tentacle, all will be well.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Post Ghost Post

Not much luck last couple times out, even with a thin membrane. Did a lot of scouting though. Now I know where most of the places I need to investigate are located. Now I just need to get into them. Kinda like how it is with me and women...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pre Ghost Post 2

The membrane is thin. Ghosts will be plentiful tonight. How do I know it's thin? I feel it. Might see a UFO tonight too. Things started opening up yesterday. The air's buzzing! Do you realize they've had silent helicopters since the 70s?

Ever had a sinus infection? It's chemtrails that got into your nose from our friends at Evergreen Aviation, made god knows where, flown and sprayed by MIBs. It's all exobiology countermeasures, what they were testing on the mutilated cows near Dulce, NM. Maybe made in California. They spray your house with BZ (super hallucinogen 250X stronger than LSD) and plant your mind with bullshit. Meanwhile, skunk ape is eating out of your trash can from a UFO. It's all good though because you're under the personal protection of Lucifer and his djinn masquerading as the mothman. Except Lucifer's children try having sex with you while you sleep in the form of succubi. The sex is good but leaves you exhausted. When you can sleep, you have nightmares of Hell. I guess all I have left to say is... thank god for booze.