Friday, February 25, 2011

In search of the shadow people...

Damn! Money not in my account yet and low on gas. Hmmm... Toole St. maybe? The warehouse district. The shadow person I saw Super Bowl night crossed Aviation Highway and went west towards the train tracks by the Kino turnoff.

Maybe it was a cowboy ghost that Wyatt Earp killed near there. Or a hitchhiker. Homes were moved for the highway. Or maybe it was... a brain aneurysm???

Friday, February 18, 2011


I wanna open up the 9 realms of hell... or whatever... and summon the demons. The problem with demons is they don't listen to you. You'll think the ritual didn't work, go home, and they'll start messing with you later, give you nightmares and stuff. I wonder if reverse psychology works on them. If I tell them I don't want them to show up, maybe they will.

Maybe if I had some demon bait, some pretty young thing... female, of course. In particular, I'd like to meet Asmodeus. He seems like a cool cat. Not that he's a cat, per se. I wonder if demons get lonely. I wouldn't mind hanging out with one, playing some cards or something. Overall though, they're just too unreliable. They're always late. That's probably why they're all unemployed.

Speaking of which, if Heaven is such a great place, why does everyone have a job, and in Hell, nobody is working? Rather be unemployed in Hell than have a job in Heaven.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pimpin' in Ghost Country

Yeaaaaah! I have a Valentine! Plus I had two fake dates yesterday! I was in a movie called "The French Key." The director told me not to eat the food, for my safety. Duh! It looked fuckin' gross! I just played with the food and entertained the ladies. I felt like a gigolo!

It was great! Maybe that's my true calling. That, and ghost hunting, of course. The connection? The movie set was reportedly haunted. Hmmm....

If I was more handsome and a tad more confident, I think I could give Casanova a real run for his money on this fine day! I got me mad points today, me thinks!