Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pre Ghost Post

In regards to encountering paranormal activity, at first, it might seem as though it doesn’t happen that much. Many first time ghost hunters are plagued by ineffectiveness. Don’t give up! I’ve learned that the more you seek it out, the more you will find. Rather, it will find you. It’s not that the places become more haunted, or even that you find better locations, you just become a better researcher. Through repeated efforts, you become noticed by entities, stuff starts happening with greater frequency and you get better results. Nobody has named this effect, what I like to think of as becoming charged with spiritual energy, so to speak. My question is, has anyone tried to research it? No? In that case, it will forever after be known as the Marc Effect!

With this in mind, it will prove interesting to discover what results can be obtained from tonight’s adventures. Key team members are unavailable and a newbie accompanies. Will he drag us down like a dead battery in the cell phone of life, dooming us from any success on the go? Or will it invigorate the ghosts with malicious energy, finding this stranger taunting them? I’ve always wanted to witness a possession. Without any spirit energy to protect him, perhaps the newbie will prove easy prey. No need to tell him that though.

I believe we’ll revisit downtown tonight. That’ll be the quickest way to investigate multiple haunted locations with minimal hassle. I’m low on gas.


  1. I'm pretty sure the Marc Effect actually refers to celibacy.

  2. Im pretty sure it does refer to celibacy, he is just trying to change it. Also i dont think taking a newbie along will change anything.