Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pre Ghost Post 2

The membrane is thin. Ghosts will be plentiful tonight. How do I know it's thin? I feel it. Might see a UFO tonight too. Things started opening up yesterday. The air's buzzing! Do you realize they've had silent helicopters since the 70s?

Ever had a sinus infection? It's chemtrails that got into your nose from our friends at Evergreen Aviation, made god knows where, flown and sprayed by MIBs. It's all exobiology countermeasures, what they were testing on the mutilated cows near Dulce, NM. Maybe made in California. They spray your house with BZ (super hallucinogen 250X stronger than LSD) and plant your mind with bullshit. Meanwhile, skunk ape is eating out of your trash can from a UFO. It's all good though because you're under the personal protection of Lucifer and his djinn masquerading as the mothman. Except Lucifer's children try having sex with you while you sleep in the form of succubi. The sex is good but leaves you exhausted. When you can sleep, you have nightmares of Hell. I guess all I have left to say is... thank god for booze.

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