Saturday, May 28, 2011

I can't sleep...

I have that feeling. I can't sleep because I'm afraid that alien hands will grab me in the dark. UFOs were crazy Tuesday night. I think they were communicating with me telepathically. I watched them do tricks in the sky from a parking deck. Creepy night. My boss said "Puff, puff, pass, move your big ass."

I saw one in the daytime too. Nothing yesterday or today. Well, I didn't look because I was too busy. Now I can't sleep. Part of me wants to find a radio tower or something to watch them, or go up to the mountains. The other part of me wants to board up the windows and doors, sleep with a knife in my small closet. Maybe I need drugs or a rubber room. Not to get better, but to hide.

Of course, asylums have ghosts and demons. Damn! Guess I know why I like booze so much. Maybe that's how I became an alcoholic. Maybe AA should stand for Aliens Anonymous. "Hi, I'm Marc and I'm an alcoholic. I need booze to sleep dreamlessly because I'm afraid that aliens will get me.

Wish I had booze tonight. I could use the sleep.

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