Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My hairy buddy

I wonder if our bigfeet are ok with all the wildfires down near Sierra Vista. It might make ghosts of them...

I was just reading a hair analysis report of a Gasquet, CA bigfoot who stole and ate seven peacocks, along with fifty melons. He ate the melons quietly then yelled out a load raor. That's when they found the melons gone. I wonder if he ate the peacocks quietly or how they figured out those were gone.

Hair DNA revealed that it came from a primate of unknown origin. It was a 2008 case in a pretty area called French Hill Road. I google mapped it. Typical area habitat that would be nice to go to. I always wanted to go to that area near Crescent City near the ocean on the Oregon border. Lots of redwood forest around the greater area. That's also where giant, nine feet salamanders were spotted in the 1960s, I think.

Check out YouTube for the bigfoot dash cam! They state he's as fast as a world record setter in the Olympics! And his arms are way too long.

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