Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A slippery slope

Wing chun was amazing and fun tonight. I have a blog but I'm not gonna share because it doesn't have to do with ghosts. i do feel connected to the spirits of Ipman and Bruce Lee though. Is that a blog just now? I guess so. Or read the actual blog below.

I want to master both wing chun and ninjutsu to make a super Chinese/Japanese form to teach to the extraterrestrials. Aliens taught Zen monks and prephesised to Muhammed and Buddha. Oh, and to Shaolin monks and ninja and India's yogi masters too. It's the force/chi/ki/prana/yana gods mystical powers. It's practical magic!

I am one with the universe! It's like meditation that has function in the present, not the future. It also is the past and future because you get conditioned yet you are still in the present. I guess I can't keep secrets. Aliens did it.

These ascended masters of human schools and prophets were connecting to the etheric internet through higher conscious states of awareness that are like a hallucinogenic experience but are actually connecting from stored experiences in their own brain, but they connect to other ethereal consciousnesses that may appear human in this state, or not. They are then taught these techniques by these beings in the altered state. For example, Muhammed's was the angel Gabriel. Yogis had Shiva and other deities. Ninjutsu and Shugendo credit gods and tengu for teaching the art. These were avatars used by ET. The aliens can astrally project out of their bodies. We see what we can relate to angels, tengu, or greys, which may be their true form. Celts and Norse had fairy folk, dwarves, elves, Odin and Thor. Native Americans had kachina. Africa had gods from the sky teach them about astronomy that was scientifically verified about the Sirius star system. Spooky knowledge.

Ancient aliens taught martial arts.

Maybe I should hide by slipping into a brain fog state. That way, it jams the frequencies and aliens can't easily find me. Unfortunately, they are finding my friends when they are in a higher state. usually mountains away from people like my ancient alien theory. I can feel them now, even in this big city, if my awareness starts to awaken. The aliens go "Oh, that's where you've been hiding." I'll show them! Junk food and beer will scramble the signal into the safety of brain fog.

It's the ability of the human mind that fascinates them. They are way beyond our powers in psychic abilities and higher state. Physiologically, they are capable of sharing knowledge through true telepathy, but they are bound to it, forever losing individuality. We can turn ours off. They are jealous of that though, because they can't. So they study us. We are entertainment, the object of their scientific curiosity, like visiting monkeys at the zoo, or primates, but vastly more entertaining, and dangerous to the eco-system.

I think they are partial to I Love Lucy reruns.

Yeah, I'm only guessing that. I think that if they wanted to, they could destabalize our sun, blow it up and collect the cooled off star matter that powers their multi-billion year old flotilla. But that would eradicate the biosphere, which is more rare, of its materials. They can get their water and use our biodiversity to sow their own food supply. It wouldn't make sense to invade like HG Wells. It doesn't contaminate their food supply or water. With other solar systems and star juice, they can sustain a space-faring population that far exceeds any planetary system. They would need a planet the size of a large gas giant to support their populace. I mean, no planet is big enough, so they have their non-interventionist ways and they are all one mind, so that's why they don't reveal themselves and why they are concerned about our nuclear technology. But our government is very human, and only a select few understand this. The syndicate Majestic 12 does not, or maybe they do and have to go along for the ride...

It's aliens or angels that were locked out of Eden, not humans. Someone got the story backwards, or changed it for some reason...

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